Self Managed Super Fund

An SMSF is your own personal Superannuation Fund that gives you total control over how your Super Benefit is invested. An SMSF is perfect for the DIY investor who prefers to make their own Investment choices for their retirement rather than leave their Superannuation to be invested by others. There is no minimum amount required to set up an SMSF.

The big advantage of self-managed superannuation is greater control, but the additional workload can be overwhelming. Let our consultant at ADJ Financial Services Pty Ltd help establish a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) for you today!

Our consultant makes sure your fund complies with all super and tax law regulations. These include:

  • Set-up and advice on legislative requirements for the administration
  • Investment strategy
  • Investment in assets such as direct equities (shares)
  • Investments in direct property including business premises
  • Tax compliance obligations
  • Audit the financial position and operation
  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Starting or commuting a pension
  • Actuarial certificates

Let us talk to you about how we can save you time and money by simplifying your tax preparation and maximising your tax returns.

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